ERISA Attorney "Hotties" Named

September 20, 2006 ( - After dozens of nominations - and some 3000 votes, web site Above the Law has chosen two winners in its first annual ERISA Hotties Contest.

The winners: Sarah Downie, of counsel in Orrick’s New York office, and Professor Bruce Wolk of the faculty of UC Davis School of Law (whose “odalisque position on the hood of his Camry, proved irresistibly sinuous to the voters”).

The Mission

In announcing the contest originally, the site’s directors noted that their quest was to find the hottest ERISA lawyer in America . “For all of you non-lawyers — or for those of you who sat in the back row in law school — ERISA stands for the “Employee Retirement Income Security Act,” the site reminded non-pension type readers. It went on to say “It’s the federal law, originally passed in 1974 and subsequently amended, that governs the administration of pension and employee benefit plans. So yes, it’s pension law . And yes, it’s just as boring as it sounds.”

The site went on to note that “…just because a practice area is a sleepy backwater doesn’t mean its practitioners can’t be hotties. To the contrary, ERISA lawyers have more time than overworked M&A attorneys to tone their bodies at the gym and get facials at the spa.”

You can see the results of the contest, pictures of the winners and the finalists – and more at