ETF Assets Up In November

December 23, 2002 ( - Assets in exchange-traded funds (ETF) edged up in November to $109.71 billion from October's $100.73 billion on gains in equity indexes.

ETFs, shares that trade intraday on stock exchanges at market-determined prices, saw total equity index assets gained $9.13 billion during the month, and now total $105.82 billion, while bond index assets decreased by $143 million to $3.90 billion, according to data supplied by the Investment Company Institute (ICI).

Total domestic equity assets were up $8.53 billion to $100.56 billion, with gains in broad-based domestic equity ETFs and sector/industry domestic equity ETFs, up $6.87 billion and $1.66 billion, respectively.

International equity ETF assets also increased, up $599 million to $5.25 billion, as four additional ETFs were added in November, bringing the total number of international equity indexes to 39.

Additionally, the value of ETF shares issued exceeded that of shares redeemed by $1.91 billion. Net issuance of all equity index ETFs was $2.03 billion, while bond ETFs experienced negative net issuance of $123 million.

Gross issuance of all ETFs decreased in November to $7.31 billion from $14.56 billion in October, and redemptions increased to $5.40 billion from $3.85 billion in October.

The total number of number of ETFs increased from 108 to 116 in November with the addition of four global/international equity indexes and four bond indexes.