ETF Education Website Developed

October 18, 2012 ( – The Investment Company Institute (ICI) and exchange-traded fund (ETF) firms developed a website to answer questions investors have before they invest in ETFs.

The site,, contains educational resources for ETF investors, including a Q&A designed to help investors better understand the basics of ETF investing, as well as links to additional ETF resources.

The combined assets of the nation’s ETFs were $1.2 trillion in August 2012 and represent a growing category of funds in the U.S. and abroad, ICI said. “Independent studies continue to show ETF usage is on the rise as more investors experience their many advantages, so we are pleased to join industry providers and ICI in launching this comprehensive investor education program,” commented Ben Fulton, managing director of Global ETFs for Invesco PowerShares.

“Today’s investors are looking for new ways to build better portfolios and they are increasingly turning to ETFs,” said Michael L. Sapir, chief executive officer of ProShare Advisors LLC. “Our ability to come together as an industry to offer them educational resources is timely and important. All of us have a stake in ensuring investors have the knowledge and know-how they need to invest in ETFs with confidence to achieve their financial goals.”