ETFs Added to K Plan Platform

November 22, 2005 ( - Select Sector SPDRs, which trade on the American Stock Exchange, have been added as investment options in Invest n Retire's 401(k) platform and model portfolios.

A news release said that the Select Sector SPDRs are a family of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that divide the S&P 500 into nine individual sector funds. Invest n Retire, LLC, is an internet-based 401(k) service provider.

Invest n Retire designed a proprietary system and methodology for managing tax-deferred retirement plans which allows participants to include exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in their retirement portfolio without passing most commissions to them, the announcement said.

“Asset allocation design is more than just mixing up the asset classes in a model,” said Darwin Abrahamson, founder & CEO of Invest n Retire in the news release. “By adding the Select Sector SPDRs to our retirement platform, financial advisors will be able to underweight or overweight the nine sectors of the S&P 500, using our asset allocation modeling software. The SPDRs gives these advisors more flexibility in designing models which meet the specific investment goals of their clients.”

Select Sector SPDRs have the diversity of a mutual fund, the focus of a sector fund, and the tradability of a stock, the company said.

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