Family Dollar to Pay $45K to Settle EEOC Lawsuit

January 11, 2012 ( – Family Dollar Stores of Virginia, Inc. will pay $45,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleges Chanele Brown was sexually harassed by her male store manager at the Family Dollar store where she worked in Richmond, Virginia.

According to the complaint, Brown worked as a customer services representative for Family Dollar from August 18 through September 5, 2009. The harassment included the manager groping Brown and propositioning her for sex. The manager also allegedly reduced Brown’s work hours during one week and told her that in order to have the hours reinstated, Brown had to let the manager come to her home. Brown refused the manager’s request and resigned the next day.

According to the consent decree, Family Dollar agrees to provide each employee working in stores located in Dollar Stores’ District 184 copies of the company’s anti-discrimination policies and complaint procedures. The company must also provide training to managers and employees on the same. Family Dollar will also post a copy of its harassment policy in its stores within District 184 and will post a notice about the lawsuit in the store where Brown worked.

The case is Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Family Dollar Stores of Virginia, Inc., No. 3:11cv647.