Fidelity Launches Fixed Income Market Research and Education Site

September 12, 2011 ( – Fidelity Investments announced the launch of new fixed income market research and education site. 

The new resources provide a single-source destination for institutional-quality fixed income research, news and insights, and comprehensive fixed income education, the company said.

Fidelity noted in a press release, with the first wave of Baby Boomers turning 65 this year, Americans will continue to need to generate income in retirement, and as a result, Fidelity has transformed its online resources for investors to learn about and select fixed income investments.  

“Fixed income investments are an essential part of a diversified portfolio, and in fact, Fidelity’s retail and workplace investors have increased their fixed income investments by more than $100 billion in the past three years,” said James C. Burton, President of Fidelity’s retail brokerage business, in the announcement. “To meet this increasing demand, Fidelity has intensified its ongoing commitment to providing investors the best fixed income resources in the marketplace.” 

Fidelity’s new educational content helps investors learn about the differences between bonds, bond funds, and other fixed income investment vehicles, and understand key characteristics through comparison tables. 

To help investors efficiently narrow the hundreds of bond funds available on to the ones that best fit their investing goals, the new fixed income market research capabilities offer simplified search functionality for bond funds by asset type and Morningstar Rating. Investors can also search for CDs, as well as 30,000 individual bonds by asset type, maturity date, credit rating and geography. 

Interactive Data Corporation provided customized Webbased financial solutions and fixed income analytics data to the site, including key yield curves of Treasury, corporate and municipal bonds, and certain fixed income market benchmarks, to see how current interest rates compare to each other and over time. 

Investors can also leverage the market intelligence and industry insights of Fidelity Asset Management through Fidelity Viewpoints articles, such as “What Bond Owners Need to Know” and “Create Your Own Retirement Paycheck.” To supplement the Viewpoints, Fidelity is working with firms such as BlackRock, Inc., Econoday, and Standard & Poor’s to provide retail investors with a level of fixed income research and market data at no charge that previously was available only to institutional investors.