Fidelity Launches Fixed Income Web Site

December 18, 2002 ( - Fidelity Investments' latest diversification message is that investors not only have to mix their portfolios among stocks and bonds, they also have to diversify among different kinds of fixed-income securities.

To get that message out, the Boston mutual fund giant launched a new  fixed-income center on its Web site, so it can educate investors about the basics of fixed-income investing, according to a Fidelity news media release.

Fidelity’s new Fixed Income Center offers information on how various types of fixed-income securities and funds work and carries articles and video clips on topics such as “Should You Invest in Bonds When Rates Are Low?”

A portfolio analysis tool is available for Fidelity customers to help determine whether their the bond holdings are properly diversified.

Fidelity said factors investors should consider in judging their fixed-income diversification include:

  • credit quality (a barometer of the financial strength of the issuer)
  • duration (the length of the bond)
  • mutual fund type.