Fidelity Launches Online Resource Hubs

August 8, 2013 ( – Fidelity Investments has launched two online resource hubs featuring its Viewpoints articles, which discuss issues about retirement and the bond market.

Fidelity introduced Viewpoints in 2008 in response to strong consumer demand for easy-to-understand information from Fidelity. “Viewpoints provides timely, relevant analysis of the economy and the markets as well as investing insights from Fidelity experts to help clients make better choices, and achieve better outcomes,” said Ann Reilly Dowd, CFP, editor-in-chief of Viewpoints. “Our content is refreshed regularly and includes infographics, interactives and video to engage clients no matter how they like to consume information.”

The “Most Read Viewpoints” section highlights articles that are resonating with readers in real time, making it easier for investors to access the most popular content.

The two new sections were created in response to interest in how current interest rate and market conditions are impacting retirement investors today.

The “Fidelity Viewpoints’ Special Report: Retirement Roadmap” is designed to answer questions such as:

  • How much do I need to retire?;
  • What are the smartest ways to save and invest to reach my goal?;
  • How can I turn savings into an income stream I can’t outlive?;
  • How can I make the most of Social Security and Medicare?; and
  • What can I do to maximize after-tax returns along the way?

The Retirement Roadmap is divided into two sections—saving for retirement and getting ready to retire. Topics covered include savings and income basics, strategies by age, pitfalls to avoid, and savings and income tools.

With the recent volatility in the bond market, Fidelity has published more than a dozen bond-related Viewpoints since June 1, including a special report that features articles such as “A Reset for the Bond Markets” and “4 Strategies for Rising Rates.”

The Viewpoints bond hub also provides links to investing and analysis tools, bond screeners for investors looking to take action, and educational resources such as how to build a fixed income portfolio.

“Bond investing is an important income diversification strategy for all investors, particularly for those approaching or already in retirement,” said John Sweeney, Fidelity’s executive vice president for Retirement and Investment Strategies. “Our goal is to make bond investing more approachable by providing investors with a single page of resources, including thoughtful commentary on current market conditions, basic and advanced education, and investment strategies.”

The main Viewpoints page can be found here. The Retirement Roadmaps material can be found here. The bond-related material can be found here.