Financial Finesse Offers Guide for Financial Wellness Programs

Liz Davidson, founder and CEO of Financial Finesse, says there is a need for an established set of standards.

Financial Finesse has issued a report, Workplace Financial Wellness Programs: Best Practices

In the report, Liz Davidson, founder and CEO of Financial Finesse, discusses the official definition of workplace financial wellness, the cost savings of an effective financial wellness program, measuring the return on investment (ROI) of financial wellness programs and best practices for financial wellness programs.

In addition, the firm has released a frequently asked questions (FAQs) document addressing where employees are falling short on financial wellness, how Fintech tools fit into a financial wellness benefit and other questions.

“To have the kind of national impact that we believe is necessary to reverse the trajectory of downward mobility and create future generations of financially healthy people who are able to weather any economic or political challenges, we must better define and protect financial wellness so other organizations can follow suit,” Davidson says. “We must ensure that all financial wellness providers act in the best interest of employees by following an established set of standards.”