Firm Announces Portfolio Investment Performance Monitoring System

September 28, 2006 ( - A Portland, Oregon company has unveiled a new Web-based portfolio investment monitoring system.

Compass Analytics said in a news release that its reporting tool that gives institutional and high-net-worth investors the ability to calculate and view their portfolio’s investment performance using the benchmark, time period and asset class of their choosing.
Known as the Compass Analytics Performance System (CAPS), the tool allows investors to ask and answer questions about portfolio performance not addressed in the more traditional hard copy monthly or quarterly performance reports prepared and presented by an investment consultant.

In addition to several performance charts, CAPS also allows investors to download performance data for additional spreadsheet analysis, the announcement said.
“No matter how comprehensive a hard copy performance report, trustees will have questions that it didn’t address,” said Randall Doser, vice president of Compass Advisors and designer of CAPS.

More information is  here .