Firm Releases Income Tool for Target-Date Funds

June 24, 2008 ( - A Chicago software developer has launched a Retirement Income forecasting tool.

A news release from Business Logic Corporation said the company can prepare a branded version of the new offering,, for a plan sponsor in a week.  

According to the announcement, the tool provides accurate projections because it is based on target-date fund methodology of reducing risk as an investor gets closer to retirement. YourOutcome’s projections are based on Business Logic’s patent pending methodology, Glide Path Style Analysis (GPSA).

“Target Maturity Funds are the fastest growing default option in DC plans, yet there has been a void in personalizing what these funds mean in terms of Retirement Income to the individual investor,” said Dirk Quayle, President of Business Logic Corporation, in the announcement. “In addition to the investor calculator, Outcome can run forecasts for entire employee populations and deliver income projections to each employee without any action on their part.”