Firms Launch Recruitment Texting App in U.S.

January 26, 2011 ( - Bullhorn, a provider of online staffing and recruiting agency software, announced the expansion of its SMS offering to include the U.S. and Australia, following earlier success in the U.K.

SMS for Bullhorn is a texting application delivered by Bullhorn Marketplace partner Dialogue Communications which allows companies to communicate with job candidates via text message, giving them faster access to new employment opportunities. With SMS for Bullhorn, recruiters can alert candidates of potential job opportunities from within Bullhorn and candidates can reply back immediately via SMS.   

This allows recruiters to gauge their candidates’ interest in new job opportunities more quickly, Bullhorn said in a press release. All outbound and inbound messages are tracked securely within Bullhorn.     

“In today’s fiercely competitive job market, literally every second counts when job vacancies arise. SMS for Bullhorn provides an easy-to-use mobile solution that saves us time, making our hectic work day that much easier,” said David Robinson, Commercial Director at C&M Travel Recruitment in the U.K, in the announcement. “Through real-time, two-way communication, we are first to reach the best candidates for our clients, leading to quicker placements and improving our overall performance.”  

Recruiters using Bullhorn can register for the new SMS for Bullhorn service through where it will be immediately integrated into their existing account. Others should visit