For Workplace Trysts No Office Space is Sacred

January 31, 2006 ( - The 2006 annual Office Romance survey from Vault Inc. found that 27.5% of employees have had a tryst in the office, up from 23% in last year's survey.

In its press release, Vault said respondents cited the conference room, the boss’s office, the bathroom, server room, elevator, and supply closet as the most used office spaces for a lover’s tryst. One survey respondent said, “The danger of getting caught made it really exciting.”

Half of survey respondents said they have known a married co-worker who had an affair with someone in the office, and 38% have experienced unwanted advances from a coworker, according to the release.

Vault found a growing trend of having an “office husband” or “office wife”, someone with whom an employee does not have a romantic relationship, but spends a lot of time with during the work day. Thirty-two percent of survey respondents said they have one.

Perhaps the companies are on to the trysters, since 21% of those surveyed said their company has an office romance policy, up from 17% last year. Most of the policies say an employee can not date a direct subordinate or superior.

Vault’s 2006 Office Romance Survey was conducted in early-mid January and is comprised of 693 responses from employees across the US. The company’s Web site is .