Ford Settles Sex Harassment Case

December 26, 2002 ( - Ford Motor Co. employee has agreed to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit from a female employee for an undisclosed amount.

The settlement between the automaker and Jill Nabozny, a Dearborn, Michigan Ford stamping plant employee, still has to get the OK of a federal judge, the Detroit News reported.

In the lawsuit, filed on her behalf by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Nabozny claimed she suffered unwanted jokes, touching, whistling, and intimidation including comments from a coworker who wanted to take her and two other women into a boxcar for sex, the Detroit News said.

The same coworker fashioned a phallic-shaped object out of welding materials and placed it at Nabozny’s workstation, the News reported.

“Despite knowledge of the harassment, (Ford) failed to take prompt and effective action to correct and prevent the harassment,” the EEOC suit charged.

According to the News, Ford has agreed to a three-year EEOC plan during which it will offer managers additional sexual harassment training and will post notice about the EEOC deal around the Dearborn plant.

The company said it had also moved at least one of Nabozny’s coworkers who was accused in the harassment.

US District Judge Lawrence Zatkoff will review the consent decree between Ford and Nabozny.