Former Deutsche Bank Employee Awarded $1.5M in Harassment Case

August 2, 2006 ( - A London court awarded a former Deutsche Bank employee $1.53 million in damages, saying she had been the victim of deliberate bullying by staff, according to Reuters.

Helen Green, a former company secretary assistant, said she was “mobbed” and “stonewalled” by a “gang of four women” in a “department from hell,” according to the Reuters report. Green also claimed a male staff member spoke to her in a sexist and degrading manner.

“On any view, the behavior of the women was oppressive and unreasonable,” Mr. Justice Owen said, according to Reuters. The judge found the bank breached its duty of care to Green by failing to protect her from abusive behavior. However, the German bank denied breach of statutory duty or bullying.

The $1.53 million award covers lost earnings, psychiatric injury, disadvantage in the labor market, loss of future earnings and pension and compensation for other losses, including private medical insurance, gym membership and medical bills.

Green joined the firm in October 1997 and suffered two mental breakdowns that resulted in her being terminated in September 2003, after she had been off work since October 2001.

Banks in the City of London financial services industry have come under scrutiny in a series of lawsuits, involving allegations of bullying or abusive treatment of staff, according to the news report. The image of banks in the City of London as male-dominated and hostile work environments is a threat to their reputation, customers and staffing, Glenda Stone, chief executive of employment database and consultancy Aurora, told Reuters.