Former FedEx Truck Driver Wins $3.2M Jury Award

February 25, 2004 ( - A female former Federal Express tractor- trailer driver who claimed she was effectively forced out by a pattern of sexual harassment including vehicle sabotage, has won a $3.2-million jury verdict in the case.

According to a news release, a federal court jury made the award that included $2.5 million in punitive damages, $391,000 in lost earnings, and $350,000 for emotional stress, to former driver Marion Shaub.

The news release by lawyers involved in the case said Shaub worked at a Federal Express terminal in Middletown, Pennsylvania for approximately three years until September, 2000. That’s when, according to her lawsuit, she was effectively forced to resign, was the subject of “repeated hostilities and harassment due to her gender” and was “fearful for her life” after a series of verbal and physical threats by male co-workers. For example, according to Shaub, a co-worker in one instance refused to load her truck and pushed a half-ton container directly at her. She narrowly escaped injury.

Also, a vehicle maintenance expert testified during the trial that Shaub’s tractor-trailer was tampered with on numerous occasions, including having tablespoons of dirt inserted into the brake line and the brake lines intentionally cut.

Shaub’s lawsuit cited alleged violations of federal civil rights laws and argued that FedEx management knew about Shaub’s abusive treatment but failed to take “prompt and effective action” to bring it to an end.

“I always believed that truth would prevail and it has,” said Shaub, in the statement. “This is a victory for every woman who works at Federal Express and those who will work there in the future.”