Former University Dean Suing for Sex-based Discrimination

August 8, 2006 ( - A former Florida Gulf Coast University dean is suing the school, saying it discriminates against men.

Johnny McGaha alleges he was forced out of his job because school officials want more women in administrative posts, according to the Bonita Daily News. McGaha says in the lawsuit the school demoted him and other male coworkers, replacing them with women.

The suit says the school also hosted “Women Faculty ‘Brown Bag'” lunches on campus that excluded male faculty, and helped advance female faculty member’s careers, according to the news report.

According to an age discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of McGaha in June by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), McGaha’s contract was rewritten to demote him as dean and reassign him to be a criminal justice professor. His salary was cut from $127,120.90 per year for the 12-month dean position to $94,986.90 per year for the nine-month professor position, according to the EEOC suit.

The sex discrimination suit seeks reinstatement of McGaha as dean, back wages and other monetary damages. The suit also seeks an injunction barring the university from further discrimination.