Forward Look Launches a Risk Forecaster to Gauge Portfolio Performance

October 15, 2007 ( - Boston-based forward look has come out with a service that allows plan sponsors, foundations, endowments and their consultants to forecast potential shortfalls in portfolio performance by their investment managers stemming from the quality of those managers' operations.

According to a press release, RiskForecast provides institutional investors with expanded fiduciary capabilities by offering a way to keep those managers whose investment operations can deliver the full value in their investment ideas.

The program generates multi-factor profiles that yield an insight to the quality of a manager’s operations. It also identifies critical inefficiencies in an investment manager’s operation and potential remedies that can deliver improvements in performance within nine to 12 months of implementation.

Optimizing investment operations can return risk-adjusted performance gains ranging from 50 to 250 basis points, according to the press release.

RiskForecast uses transactional and reference data drawn from an investment manager’s operations and quantifies the informational latency inherent in their data flows.

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