Four in Ten Workers Worldwide Won’t See Pay Increase This Year

October 18, 2010 ( - A recent Monster poll has found that 41% of workers worldwide will not receive a pay raise this year.

Of the 12,962 respondents, 21% said they will get a raise this year and they get one every year.  

According to a press release, other responses included: 

  • Yes, wages were frozen but I’ll get one this year – 8%  
  • Maybe, my pay raises happen on an irregular basis – 14%  
  • I don’t know – 15%  


Regionally, over 33% of workers polled in Asia revealed that they expect one and get one yearly; while only 18% do not expect to get one. Conversely, 19% of respondents in the EU said they will get a pay raise this year.   

In Italy, 61% of workers polled will not be receiving a pay raise this year.   

Overall, 29% of those polled were unsure if they would receive a pay raise or not. Mexican and Italian workers have to deal with the least structured processes as 22% and 21%, respectively, receive irregular pay raises, the announcement said.   

The survey was conducted May 1 – 10, 2010.