FreeERISA Launches Benefit Forum

April 11, 2001 ( - has launched an interactive Benefits Forum on its Web site, offering users an opportunity to interact with industry experts on selected topics. has partnered with employee benefits consulting firm Clark/Bardes Consulting – Compensation Resource Group to host the first three forums.

Visitors can read a background article, then pose questions of up to 2,000 words, as well as view posted reader comments and responses on the site.  

Currently on the agenda:

  • How Executive Benefits Will Fare in the “New Economy” — and How to Be Prepared
  • Seventh Annual Survey of Current Trends Finds Prevalence, Popularity of NQDC Plans Continues to Grow

Both moderated by William L. MacDonald, President & Chief Executive Officer, Clark/Bardes Consulting – Compensation Resource Group.

  • Redesigning Options: One Size Doesn’t Fit All, will be moderated by Steven E. Hall, Managing Director of Pearl Meyer & Partners, Division of Clark/Bardes Consulting

The Benefits Forum will provide new discussion topics each month.