A Little Friday File Fun

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!

In Woodbridge, Virginia, a man dreamed about the numbers 3-10-17-26-32 and when he woke, he used them in four identical Cash 5 tickets. The numbers hit, making all four tickets winners of the $100,000 top prize and earning him $400,000, the Huffington Post reports.


In Kittery, Maine, a woman bought a bag of store-brand romaine lettuce and used it one day to make a salad. According to the Associated Press, she said after a couple of bites, her fork got stuck—in a 3-inch lizard, minus the tail.


In Beaufort, North Carolina, workers at an auto parts store tried to help a man get his truck out of a ditch. That’s when they discovered items stolen from their own store in the truck. Police were called to the scene and that’s when they also discovered the man had stolen a large truck to try to get his own truck out of the ditch, the Associated Press reports.


In Peterhead, Scotland, a man called police to report the presence of a large cat with stripes on his farm. Officers dispatched several vehicles and contacted a nearby wildlife park to see if a tiger had escaped. There was a 45-minute standoff before officers realized the tiger in question was just a giant stuffed toy, according to the New York Post. The police said the man was not a prankster and was in real fear. It is not yet known who put the stuffed tiger there.
A unique way to pull a tooth. (The dad seems more excited about it than the girl).

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This is how to take your dog for a ride on the sled.

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This dog can bark softer on command.

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