A Little Friday File Fun

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!

In West Chester, Pennsylvania, a statue of a lion was taken from a residence. Police posted surveillance video of the theft online. Apparently, that gave the thieves a change of heart because two days later, according to the Associated Press, they not only returned the statue, but left a bouquet of flowers and a card. Police posted video of that as well.


In Londonderry, New Hampshire, a woman has filed a lawsuit against a bar claiming she lost her balance and fell through a narrow entrance while trying to pass by two men who were allegedly drunk and brawling. Not to downplay her claims, but the irony is the name of the bar is Stumble Inn Bar & Grill.


In Taiwan, a woman was plucking weeds around a gravestone when she though sand had gotten into her eye. After increased swelling and pain, she went to Fooyin University Hospital where doctors discovered four bees embedded in her eye. According to the BBC, doctors were able to pull them out. The bees were alive, feeding off the woman’s tears. The doctor who treated her said her vision was saved because she didn’t want to rub her eye for fear of tearing her contact lens. “If she did, she could have induced the bees to produce venom. She could have gone blind,” he told the BBC.


In Portland, Oregon, a house sitter called 911 saying she thought an intruder was in the bathroom. The Oregonian reports deputies entered the home and ordered the burglar out, but nothing happened. Deputies then opened the bathroom door with guns drawn and discovered the intruder was a Roomba, a robot vacuum cleaner.
The most amazing jump through hoops you’ve seen.

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Flashbacks from elementary school. Those pizzas really were “the bomb!”

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