A Little Friday File Fun

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!

In New York City, the police department used a photo of Woody Harrelson in its facial recognition program in an attempt to identify a beer thief who looked like the actor. According to the Associate Press, Georgetown University’s Center on Privacy and Technology highlighted the April 2017 episode in “Garbage In, Garbage Out,” a report on what it says are flawed practices in law enforcement’s use of facial recognition. The report says security footage of the thief was too pixelated and produced no matches while high-quality images of Harrelson, a three-time Oscar nominee, returned several possible matches and led to one arrest.


In Teaneck, New Jersey, a bird has displaced soccer players. The Record reports that a killdeer laid eggs on a patch of synthetic grass near one of the goals. It could take one to two months for the eggs to hatch. In the meantime, soccer teams are using alternative fields.


In Torrington, Connecticut, a fugitive has made a deal with police to turn himself in. Torrington police Lt. Brett Johnson posted on the department’s Facebook page that the man had contacted him through the social media site and agreed to turn himself in if the post containing his wanted poster gets 15,000 likes. The fugitive, contacted by The Associated Press through Facebook, said, “I wanted to give them a little incentive for all the hard work they put in to catch me.” Maki Haberfeld, an expert in police ethics and procedure at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, says it is unethical for the police to do this.Things our bodies do in 30 seconds.

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Don’t go overboard with commencement celebrations.

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Video shows the consequence of being impatient in a traffic jam.

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