A Little Friday File Fun

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!

In Viersen, Germany, a man avoided a speeding ticket thanks to a pigeon. Just as the radar clocked the driver at 54 km/h (33.5 mph) in a 30km/h zone and the camera flashed, the pigeon flew in front of the car, obscuring the face of the driver with its spread wings and thereby concealing the necessary evidence of who was at the wheel. According to the Associated Press, police say “thanks to the feathered guardian angel,” the driver was spared a 105 euro ($117) fine.


In Lincoln, Nebraska, police responding to a report of a domestic assault found the suspect sitting in a parked vehicle outside the home. They noted that the man also had two warrants for his arrest. When they questioned the man, he allegedly gave his name as Deangelo Towns, according to Omaha station KETV. However, the officers say they noticed a lanyard around Towner’s neck that read “Markel Towner.”


In Marlborough, Massachusetts, a man told The Boston Globe that when he returned to his home from work May 15, he could tell a stranger had been there. Nothing was missing, but the man noticed the beds were made, the rugs vacuumed and the toilets scrubbed. They even crafted origami roses on the toilet paper rolls. He called the experience “weird and creepy” and contacted police. Sgt. Daniel Campbell says the department hasn’t heard of similar episodes and there are no suspects.


In Hackettstown, New Jersey, a woman was arrested for DWI after a traffic stop. She called a friend to pick her up, but when the man arrived at the police station, authorities say, he smelled of alc.ohol and they charged him with DWI. Both of them were eventually released to another driver.
Toddler “picks up chicks” with his GTO.

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This driver feels the way I do about littering.

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