A Little Friday File Fun!

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!
In Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a couple was posing for wedding pictures at their outdoor venue, when a large black bear appeared in one of the pictures. The photographer and the couple moved away to finish the shoot, but the bear then proceeded to walk down the aisle. The photographer told the Huffington Post she wasn’t afraid at all until it began making a “huffing” noise and heading in her direction. She shared some of the images on Facebook, calling the uninvited guest a “monsterous photo bomber.” Indeed.
In Wirksworth, England, a couple is growing furniture on a farm. They harvest trees which they train to grow into furniture. Currently on the farm they are nurturing 250 chairs, 100 lamps and 50 tables. Reuters reports it is their answer to what they see as the inefficient and carbon-heavy process of cutting down mature trees to create furniture. They have had to discover the most effective way to shape a tree without stunting its growth. The couple has learned to guide shoots already heading in the right direction, rather than forcing shoots the wrong way against their will. The labor and time involved in producing the organic pieces means they do not come cheap. Chairs sell for $12,480, lamps for $1,120 to $2,870 and tables for $3,120 to $15,600. The average chair takes six to nine years to grow and another year to dry out. The longest commission the company has is for 2030. It is a chair for a customer’s retirement.
Hey dude, did you miss something about the gas station?

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The wind or a hospital ghost?

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