FRIDAY FUN – December 4, 2020

And now it's time for FRIDAY FUN!

A stand up cat, a confusing treat exchange and more.

In Cleveland, Ohio, a man went to a restaurant that is closing due to the coronavirus pandemic. He ordered a beer and when he left he handed money to the employee and told the employee to share the tip with the four employees working the brunch shift. The employee looked down and saw that the tip was $3,000.

In Prague in the Czech Republic, hunters encountered a deer, but it turned the tables on them, running away with one of the hunter’s rifle. Police said the deer, frightened by a dog, ran toward the hunters, tore one man’s sleeve and caught the strap of the hunter’s rifle on his antlers, Reuters reports. Another hunter later spotted the deer still carrying the gun. Police are looking for the public’s help with finding the weapon.

Is this really a cat? If you can’t view the below video, try

Dog’s first attempt at catching a treat confuses her. If you can’t view the below video, try