FRIDAY FUN – January 15, 2021

And now it's time for some FRIDAY FUN!

Disposing of a Christmas Tree, a dog enjoying the snow, trying to say “water,” and more.

In Amsterdam, Britons are finding out just how much it costs them that Great Britain has exited the European Union (EU). Reuters reports that ferry passengers have had ham sandwiches and tinned sardines confiscated by customs officials at Dutch ports, due to strict rules on the import of meat, fruit, vegetables and fish from outside the EU. “Do you have meat on all the bread?” a Dutch customs officer asked a man who has just arrived in the port of Hook of Holland, as he holds up his foil-wrapped sandwich, according to Reuters. “Yeah? OK, then we take them all, I’m sorry. Welcome to the Brexit, sir.”

In South Korea, a startup has developed an AI-powered dog collar that can detect five emotions in canines by monitoring their barks using voice recognition technology. The Petpuls collar can tell pet owners through a smartphone application if their dogs are happy, relaxed, anxious, angry or sad. It also tracks dogs’ physical activity and rest, Reuters reports.

In Sioux City, Iowa, a meteorologist is warning people not to eat icicles. “When icicles form, it’s from water that melts off of your roof and runs down the side of a building. Well, here’s the thing: You know what else is on your roof? Bird poop. A lot of it. And that water picks it up and freezes it in the ice. You’re eating poop!” she warned in a TikTok video.

I wouldn’t suggest disposing of your Christmas tree this way, but this worked out well. If you can’t view the below video, try

Enjoy this dog enjoying the snow. If you can’t view the below video, try

It’s not that easy to put water together right. If you can’t view the below video, try