FRIDAY FUN – January 29, 2021

And now it's time for some FRIDAY FUN!

A garbage truck fail, a perfect shot with a shopping cart, Cookie Monster in a rock, and more.

In Oklahoma, State Representative Justin Humphrey has introduced a bill that directs the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission to create rules, dates, license and fees establishing a Bigfoot hunting season. “I want to be really clear that we are not going to kill Bigfoot,” Humphrey told The Oklahoman, according to The Huffington Post. “We are going to trap a live Bigfoot. We are not promoting killing Bigfoot. We are promoting hunting Bigfoot, trying to find evidence of Bigfoot.”

Garbage truck fail. If you can’t view the below video, try

An excellent shot with a shopping cart. If you can’t view the below video, try .

A California-based gemologist split open an agate gemstone he recovered in Brazil to find… Cookie Monster!