Fridays Now a Prime Firing Day

May 24, 2002 ( - Fridays may be the favorite workday for many people because they herald the coming weekend, but it also may be the day they get the boot.

Four in ten human resources executives participating in an online poll by said Friday was the best time to fire employees.

Why Friday?

The HR officials said it gives workers the weekend to “cool off” if they’re expected to return to work on Monday.

Not only that, but being informed on a Friday that a worker is to be let go also gives that employee time to seek out friends and family support as well as to hunt through the Sunday newspaper’s employment ads.

But others argued that breaking bad news on a Monday or in the middle of the week ensures that employees can file for unemployment compensation or take advantage of counseling or other services offered by their employers.

Other good firing days, according to the survey were:

  • Monday, 24%
  • Thursday, 13%
  • Tuesday and Wednesday, 12%

A total of 2,350 HR professionals voted in this survey during the week of May 13.