Gas Prices Affecting Work/Life Balance

July 13, 2006 ( - A survey from Manpower Inc. revealed 67% of employees claim higher gas prices are affecting their work/life balance. reports that 55% of those who said gas prices were affecting their work/life balance said they had to reduce summer travel plans, while 30% said they had to cancel summer travel plans.

Among those who said gas prices were affecting work/life balance, 65% said they are reducing entertainment/hobbies, and 64% said they are dining out less, according to The survey also revealed that 29% of respondents said higher gas prices have led to fewer activities for their children.

Almost one-third of respondents (31%) said gas prices were prompting them to consider finding a job with a shorter commute. Only 6% of respondents said their employers are taking steps to help them manage fuel costs.

Of the 6%, 24% said their employers are offering telecommuting and 21% said their employers are offering or organizing a carpool or ride share program. Seventeen percent said their employers are offering subsidies for mass transit.

“High fuel costs are a concern, but they don’t have to threaten employee retention,” said Melanie Holmes, Manpower’s vice president for corporate affairs, according to the news report. “While employers can’t be expected to fill everybody’s gas tank, there are a number of relatively inexpensive things they can do to help workers cope with the cost of commuting.”