Geek Squad Offers Sith Day "Help"

May 18, 2005 ( - If you're one of those planning on a "Sith Day" to catch - or recover from catching - the new Star Wars movie - the Geek Squad has some helpful absentee tools.

According to their Web site, on May 19, there will be two types of people: those who were able to secure vacation time and those who did not. “If you fall into the former category, congratulations. If you do not, know that there is help,” according to the site.

Yes, Geek Squad Agents have devised a “repository of escape mechanisms” to help you work remotely on May 19, “without arousing excessive suspicion.” Included in the tool kit are:

  • An Outlook Calendar Blocker – a VCS file that, when imported, will “make sure your May 19 is booked as an important “corporate field event.”

  • A Downloadable Excuse Note – suitable for customization.

  • Audio Camouflage – basically instructions on how to record a note on your computer that will make it sound like you are in your office/cube, even though you aren’t.

Oh, and in the category of “no-brainers,” the Geek Squad recommends that you work remotely. In fact, while a “mandatory disclaimer” on the site cautions that the “Geek Squad does not advocate employee truancy,” it does recognize that “…wireless Internet access has expanded the boundaries of the traditional office…say, to that line outside of a favorite multiplex.”

The kit is online at

May the Force be with you…er, us.