Gen Yers Ready to Move for the Job

September 19, 2008 ( - Some 85% of GenYers polled by a job Web site aimed at young people indicated they were interested in relocating in the U.S. and 70% would consider relocating abroad.

According to a news release from Experience, the most popular reason indicated for relocating was career opportunities (44%), but survey respondents also reported that the social scene (19%) and family (6%) were important as well. On the negative side, 33% said a high cost of living could be a factor in turning down a good job opportunity.

“Employers have the opportunity to attract a larger entry-level talent base by sourcing beyond their geographical boundaries,” said Jenny Floren, founder and CEO of Experience, in the news release. “It’s imperative that recruiters understand what motivates Gen Y and then promote the comprehensive benefits of their job opportunities, including the aspects of living in a specific region. When organizations can attract and retain large numbers of young professionals with optimized workforce development efforts, there can be a real economic boon to the city.”

The survey also benchmarked the desirability of various metropolitan areas across the country. Gen Y survey respondents (the age of which wasn’t specified) ranked the following as the most desired cities:

  • New York (12%),
  • Washington, D.C. (8%),
  • Chicago (8%),
  • San Francisco (7%);
  • Seattle/Tacoma; Atlanta; Boston; Charlotte (5%).

The Experience site revealed that 85% of recent college graduates surveyed are looking to hire recent college graduates for entry-level jobs, internships and training programs.

Experience’s 2008 Hot Cities Survey was completed in August 2008. College graduates who opted in to receive communications from Experience were invited to participate in the online poll; 277 completed the survey.

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