Give Me Just A Little More Time: HR Wants More Vacation

August 23, 2001 ( Workers should have more paid vacation, according to the majority of HR professionals participating in a recent poll.

When asked whether Americans should get more vacation time,

  • two thirds of the HR workers said yes
  • a quarter were ambivalent, concerned about the costs, and
  • only 8%, presumably workaholics, said no

The poll was conducted by and its sister sites, and, from August 13 to 20, the three sites drawing a total of 870 votes.

A discussion accompanying the poll revealed that HR workers, like most employees, want the much longer vacations enjoyed by working Europeans.

However, a report by shows that even if workers were given additional vacation days, many of them wouldn?t be able to take them. According to the report, the average American worker lets nearly two vacation days go unused each year.

And nearly half the full-time workers surveyed described themselves as too busy to take vacations, while more than 60% said they wished they could take more of their paid vacation days.