GovDocs Offers Revamped FMLA Compliance Package

December 19, 2008 ( - GovDocs Inc., which describes itself as a national compliance resource for employers, has announced a package of labor law materials designed to help employers comply with mandatory changes to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

According to the firm, The FMLA changes require businesses to display revised labor law postings in each office location. Employers also need to make sure their FMLA forms, policies and documentation incorporate the new requirements.   The Department of Labor released its final FMLA revisions on November 17, 2008, to take effect January 19, 2009 (see  DoL to Publish Final FMLA Regs ).

The GovDocs FMLA Package includes:

  • Fully compliant Federal-on-One labor law poster.   According to the firm, this durable, laminated poster combines six required federal postings, including the new FMLA measures (revision date of January 2009) and recent Federal Minimum Wage increases.
  • Updated administrative tools. These forms – which the firm says are “completely revised to meet new FMLA specifications” – make it easier for managers, human resources, and employees to put FMLA rules into operation.   It includes FMLA Leave of Absence Policy, Employee Request for Leave, Certification of Health Care Provider, and more.

To order the GovDocs’ FMLA Package or additional materials, including bilingual posters and convenient electronic options, visit  or call 1-888-273-3274. According to the announcement, quantity discounts are available.