Great-West Offers DB/DC Recordkeeping Consolidation to Public Sector

May 23, 2007 ( - Great-West Retirement Services has turned its sights toward the public sector, offering clients a solution for integrating the administration of their defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

According to a press release, Total Retirement Partner is being offered to clients including public sector, hospital and non-profit employers.

The product provides clients with:

  • a single point of contact,
  • integration of recordkeeping,
  • transparency of fees and service flexibility, and
  • the option to pick and choose which services they desire – recordkeeping, communication & education, relationship management, investment selection solutions, investment management and/or actuarial consulting services through Great-West’s partner CCA Strategies LLC.

Great-West has recently been on an expansion binge that includes its $3.9 billion purchase of Putnam Investments in February (See  It’s Official – Great-West Picks Up Putnam ), the acquisition of U.S. Bank’s 401(k) retirement plan business (See Great-West Sweeps Up More 401(k) Business ) and MetLife’s 401(k) and DB business (See Great-West to Acquire MetLife 401(k) and DB Business ).