Group Maps Out Public Pension Changes

November 15, 2010 ( - The Center for State and Local Government Excellence has unveiled a unique way to keep up with the changing landscape of state and local government pension programs.


The group has created an interactive map showing a sample of state and local governments that have negotiated changes in pension plans.

“While there are other sources of information that show yearly changes or that organize reforms by type, the creation of this map allows the cases to be viewed dynamically, in one place, and will continue to be updated by the Center,” according to the announcement.

The map has information on 20 states, six counties, and 19 cities. Of the 45 locations posted, 32 have links to source information.  The Center says that the locations were chosen because they have made “substantive changes to their public pension plans over the past decade”, including

  • changes to employee/employer contribution rates
  • creation of hybrid pension plans
  • raising the retirement age
  • decreasing formula multipliers.

You can view the map at

The Center for State and Local Government Excellence says it “helps state and local governments become knowledgeable and competitive employers so they can attract and retain a talented and committed workforce””.  More information is available at