Group Publishes Findings from Baby Boomer Retirement Summit

June 13, 2007 ( - The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), an association for financial professionals, has pulled together the information and resources from a recent summit of financial services industry professionals, economists and scholars who met to talk about baby boomer retirement.

According to a press release , the Web site – – draws together information and resources presented at the Boomretirement Industry Summit including a summary of each Boomertirement session, as well as links to video/audio of the sessions, audience handouts and other resources. The news release said the new offering is designed to provide financial professionals with information and tools to help lead Baby Boomers to solutions based on the:

  • lifestyle they want to maintain during retirement.
  • life Incomethey will have available to support that lifestyle for 20 to 30 years; and  
  • lifeboats(protections) they ll need to sustain their lifestyle should the unforeseen occur.  

According to the press release, the summit report allows users to provide their own insight regarding Boomertirement solutions via an online form. also includes the latest Boomertirement-related news and a section for Baby Boomers with tools and information to help them take action in preparing for retirement, which includes information about steps they can take to prepare for retirement and retirement calculators.