Guardian Announces New HSA Offering

April 11, 2005 ( - The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and Destiny Health have teamed up to offer an enhanced Health Savings Account (HSA), which the companies say offers greater flexibility and choice.

According to a news release from the companies, the HSA is offered in conjunction with The Destiny Health Plan and is available through the Guardian Destiny alliance to employers in Illinois, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

“The Destiny Health Plan offers a completely integrated HSA solution to employers and individuals,” explained Destiny Health CEO Scott Spiker. “The Destiny Health HSA is directly connected to the claims system so there isn’t any extra paperwork or hassle.”

The Destiny Health Plan HSA features access to account balances and health information, plus integration for claims, the announcement said.

The plan includes:

  • the Destiny Health Plan Vitality program – a health and wellness program that rewards members for taking care of themselves.
  • the flexibility to structure the plan as an HSA or HRA or both
  • tools and resources to help make decisions about how those HSA dollars are spent.

More information is at .