Happy Birthday, NewsDash!

October 17, 2011 (PLANSPONSOR.com) – Believe it or not, NewsDash just celebrated its twelfth anniversary!  

Based on the responses of those who “signed” our birthday card, most of you:

  • Are long time readers – a full third have been reading for more than a decade, and nearly three-in-ten have been doing so for 8-10 years. 
  • Read “the dash” first thing in the morning (65.8%).
  • Read “the dash” every day (88.6%)

As for suggestions to improve it, most were very happy with the current timing and format.  Everyone likes the Friday Files, of course (one reader suggested, “How about expanding the Friday Files, to be a daily feature?”) – though some confessed to dissatisfaction with the reality that their workplace blocks access to YouTube sites. 

Other comments:

Keep up the good work with the clever headlines, it’s a very engaging way to dress up otherwise somewhat dull stories.  I think it makes a tremendous difference, and really enjoy reading Newsdash as a result. Also love the polls and, of course, the Friday Files!!

No suggestions, just a kudos going to out to Nevin and staff for identifying and putting in one place, relevant news that I typically wouldn’t lay eyes on if I had to go out and find it every day myself!  Your work IS appreciated!  🙂

“Put in more law case links to the complaints or opinions.  Us non-lawyers often to not have access to the costly search engines that law firms have. 

It is a great intelligence source…one that I relay upon constantly.  keep up the good work!”

I really can’t think of any improvements…the variety is good, the tongue-in-cheek comments are fun, the trivia and surveys keep us sane.  If my company ever permits YouTube access, it would be perfect.

None.  Best e-newsletter I receive.  If my time is crunched, I read this over the others. 

But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said “Beg Nevin to stay!! Pay him more, we love him!! EBRI won't be nearly as fun....”

It’s been a big part of my life for longer than that, of course – but it’s been very important to PLANSPONSOR, and the community that you have been part of these past dozen years.  Thanks to all of you for making this job so much fun!


Thanks again to everyone who took the time to comment – and to those of you who are now reading – our virtual birthday card!

p.s. here’s the comments from our virtual birthday card – if you missed it the first time around, there’s still an opportunity to do so at https://www.research.net/s/XC2PC5X 

A great news service!  Congratulations!

Congrats on actually making benefits news interesting for a dozen years!!

Happy Birthday!!  My favorite newsletter.

I can't believe you're a teenager already!

Happy Birthday NewsDash and many thanks for your assistance over the past dozen years!

Happy Birthday, NewsDash and may you celebrate many more!   I appreciate the timely information to keep abreast of events relevant to plan administration and the fun side with 'on this day", Friday fun, and surveys.  I never miss you reading your updates no matter how busy I am.  The format presented makes it easy for me to quickly pick up the items I need to know and not have to look through those that don't.  Thank you very much!

Happy 12th!  I guess its time to start studying for your Bar Mitzvah!  Good luck!

A unique blend of hard data, industry trends delivered in a casual, often humorous package. For that - THANK YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Wow--happy birthday!  Keep up the great work--I love starting my day off reading Newsdash.

Happy Birthday!  I've enjoyed the content produced, the format and, of course, the humor!

Happy Birthday NewsDash!!!

Happy Birthday! Thanks for providing both an informative and entertaining start to my mornings the past several years. All the best to you.

Once again, happy birthday and thank you for the great job you do keeping us informed about the constant changes in the benefits arena.  Though I am saddened by the upcoming departure of Nevin Adams, I am looking forward to hearing a new voice in the various IMHO and other areas of communication and to see what new perspective we may be presented with.  My congratulations to Nevin on a new step in your career and here's hoping for a positive impact with your voice of reason in all benefits matters.

Happy Birthday, NewsDash ~ and best wishes to you, Nevin.  I was saddened by the announcement of your departure; I've gained much insight and perspective from you over the years.  Thanks for delivering it with understatement and wit.  You'll be missed 🙁 

"Happy Birthday News Dash!  Excellent publication - keeps us all very well informed and on top of our game.  And good luck Nevin!!!!  We'll miss you!"

"Wow - 12 already!  With a great big thanks for all of the interesting, humorous, insightful resources you provide and a wish that you will continue to provide thought-provoking articles to a community of readers who need a voice of reason throughout your adolescent years and beyond!

Good luck, Nevin, in your new endeavor.  Will miss you in this space."

I look forward to the PLANSPONSOR NewsDash everyday as it's a wealth of information.  I'm happy for Nevin with his new position but I'm sorry to see him leave this publication.  I have looked forward to his humor and wit each day and I hope that the NewsDash will keep that same perspective.  Happy Birthday NewsDash!

Wow! Happy Birthday!  Keep up the good work.

Happy Birthday.  I have been reading since the beginning and alway sneed the News Dash to find out what's happening in the industry. 

Thanks for 12 years of keeping us informed and making us smile.  Its appreciated!

Enjoy your special day! Thanks for keeping me up to date.

Congratulations Nevin! The Dash has come a long way since the early days in Winston-Salem.

Happy Birthday, NewsDash!  I have enjoyed many years of reading the valuable articles each day.  I especially enjoy the "On this Day" and of course, the "Friday Files".  Keep them coming!

I very much enjoy your newsletter. It is very instructive and informative. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday NewsDash!  Reading you is almost always my first act when I arrive at work.  I hope you have many more successful years.

"Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 10 😀  And Nevin, by the way, we shall miss you! Best of luck in your new role."

Happy Birthday, NewsDash!!!  Your easy to read format and informative news keeps me in compliance.  Thanks for keeping me informed!!! 


Happy Birthday NewsDash! Hopefully it will remain worth reading after Nevin departs.... but that's doubtful. Glad I attended this summer's conference with him hosting.

Congratulations on the NewsDash's 12th birthday. It is an amazing source of information in such an easy to read format.

 Thanks so much for keeping us educated in so many areas that we may otherwise have missed out on.

Happy Birthday!  I remember when the NewsDash started!!

Thanks for the great service that has remained consistent to its purpose - benefits news!

Happy Birthday to everyone that makes NewsDash great!!

Happy Birthday NewsDash!  I hope to be reading you for many more Birthdays!!

Happy Birthday, NewsDash!  You have been a great resource for the many years that I have received your daily updates.  Insightful news, as well as humorous Friday Files, trivia, etc.  Keep up the good work!  So good, all of my administrators should be getting this, as well. Thanks for letting me sign them up!


Congratulations!  I enjoy reading NewsDash, as it is a source of information and love the Friday Files.

Happy 12th!  Thanks for being such a great source of timely and pertinent info!!

Thanks for the information and entertainment you bring to my office each day.

I've been reading NewDash since its inception or shortly thereafter. Happy Birthday and keep it up!

"Happy 12th anniversary!  Your NewsDash is a great contributor to the health and vitality of our  benefits arena.  Transparency, hot news, commentary, insight, great writing, humor, Friday Files....it doesn't get any better than that! 

May you have more prosperous and informative years going forward.  Thanks for your contributions!"

Congratulations on your success!  Long live the Dash!

Happy Birthday NewsDash!  I have loved being a reader and have started marking the days of the week by what "special" item is in the NewsDash that day!  I enjoy waking up to it every morning, and reading through it throughout the day!!

"Happy B-day News Dash!


Thanks for keeping us informed on the trends, events & people, not only in the pension world, but in the global economy and finance in general. But, truth be told, I think I keep coming back for the Small Talk, Friday files and 'On this day' sections. 😉 

Oh, and thanks (most of all?) for keeping it free all these years. I've subscribed through 3 or more company emails and one personal email when I was unemployed or under-employed (or ""consulting"" as we like to call it!) ;-)"

Happy birthday   .... You're the best!  You deserve a day of rest....you loyal subscribers will survive!

Happy birthday, PlanSponsor!  Please keep up the great work.  You are appreciated by so many!

Nevin:  Congrats!!   I LOVE the NewsDash - it's my favorite email of the day many days!!!   I hope you're doing well!!

Happy birthday!  Next year you will be a teenager!

Congratulations! You and your writers do an amazing job, Nevin. I get a lot of my blog fodder from your newsletter. Thanks, and keep up the good work!


Happy, Happy Birthday!  Keep up the great work...it's the first thing I read in the morning w/ my coffee!

I love my NewsDash!!!!  Keep up the good work.

"Happy Birthday NewsDash! I am proud to say I've known you all 12 of your years.  I hope your teen years are filled with joy and that you don't turn into the terrible teenager so many other kids do.

"Congratulations on the birthday of NewsDash. Great publication which I enjoy reading very much. Can't do without my morning coffee and my daily dose of NewsDash. Hope you have many more years in which to provide meaningful news to what I perceive to be a knowledgeable and discerning group of readers (self excluded for not rising to that level of intellect).

I wish the organization continued success!"

"Happy Birthday, NewsDash!  There are days in which you are the highlight.  I look forward to the news, which is always the most current, the humor, and the ability to contribute my opinions from time to time.  Nevin is the best.  Thank you!  P.S.  I make my university students subscribe while they are in my courses."

Happy birthday, and congrats on 12 years of keeping us informed, enlightened, and amused!


Love your magazine, your conferences, and your daily newsletter! Congratulations on creating such an enjoyable, useful resource!

Happy Birthday!!  Thank you for all of the insights and information on our industry that you provide day in and day out.  As with many people, I look forward to the Friday Files.  Keep it up!

Happy Birthday NewsDash!  Can't start the work day without it!

Has your father taught you how to shave yet (assuming, of course, that NewsDash is a boy)?

"We started our 401(k) Plan in 1999. I found Plan Sponsor magazine and NewsDash not long afterwards and you have given me a wealth of information over the years. I couldn't have survived it all without you!

Happy Birthday!

"Happy Birthday, NewsDash!  Thanks for helping me stay tuned to the industry each morning!  Even got a question publicly answered once!  Now I'm famous!  (kidding)

"Thanks for what you do.  You are my first read every morning.   

Happy birthday to the best e-newsletter available.  Clean, concise, current... and I can always count on the survey and Friday Files to deliver.

Happy Birthday! Thanks for providing both depth and breadth of information as well as adding a bit of humor to my day (especially on Fridays).

"Nevin, Congratulations! We're getting old, my friend.

Happy #12!  I've been a faithful reader for many years, and look forward to seeing this in my Inbox when I arrive at work each morning.  Keep up the good work!  May you have many more "birthdays"!!

Happy Birthday NewsDash!

Happy Birthday!  Thanks for all the great information everyday - a great one-stop shop to keep up with what's going on.   Also love the Friday Files and the Tuesday Trivia!

It's hard to believe it's been 12 years. Thanks for providing important information in a timely, unbiased