Health Care Tech Firm Unveils Enrollment System Upgrade

May 22, 2006 ( - SHPS, a Louisville, Kentucky health care technology company, has released version 7.0 of its eligibility and enrollment system for its channel solutions market, which includes mid-market employers.

A SPHS news release said that the system provides dynamic enrollment capabilities and decision support tools that allow consumers to take a more active role in their care. According to the company, Version 7.0 features:

  • enhanced security components,
  • faster data screening and reconciliation,
  • integrated health savings account enrollment with high deductible health plans, and
  • improved flexibility in generating participant-facing material such as confirmation statements and benefits worksheets.

SPHS claimed in its announcement that employers benefit from SHPS’ data management capabilities, which offer insight into employees’ health behaviors and allow proactive workforce management regarding health conditions and events.

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