Health Insurance Remains Number One Benefit Attraction

June 29, 2005 ( - A study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) showed 60% of workers ranked health insurance as the most important employee benefit, while 15% ranked it as the second most important.

The importance of health insurance far outweighed the importance of a retirement savings plan, which was voted as the most important benefit by only 17% of respondents, according to the study. It did however top the chart as the second most important benefit by 38%.

Employers would do well to take note of these statistics since the study also reported that employers who do not offer health insurance have trouble attracting and retaining workers.

Paid time off and retiree health insurance tied for third, each winning 5% of the votes for the most important benefit. The least most important benefit seemed to be stock options, with less than half a percent ranking it the most important benefit and 1% ranking it as the second most important.

The 2004 Health Confidence Survey was conducted by EBRI and Mathew Greenwald & Associates. Details of the survey can be found here .

-Rebecca Moore