Hewitt Launches Sponsor Site

July 5, 2001 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Hewitt Associates has launched the Hewitt Plan Sponsor Sight, an online benefits management support tool and knowledge network.

Access to the site is free of charge to Hewitt’s benefits delivery clients.

High Five

The Hewitt Plan Sponsor Sight offers five main features:

  • Peer Talk – supporting plan sponsor interaction with their peers through community discussions and online polls
  • In the News – users can tap into benefits topics and receive relevant and recommended information from the Hewitt resource library and other sources
  • Special Events – ive online events hosted by Hewitt on a range of benefits topics
  • Teamwork – supporting real-time communication with their Hewitt team, as well as project status updates and virtual meetings
  • Reports and Measures – that allow plan sponsors to query participant and plan data online, while creating their own reports to meet their needs

The initial rollout of the site includes Peer Talk, In the News and Special Events sections, with the Teamwork function scheduled to come online in August and reporting capabilities in late 2001.

Users can also personalize the site by filtering out information that is not relevant to their needs.