Holiday Chores Spill Over to Workplace

December 20, 2005 ( - These days, as people race to pick up last-minute holiday gifts and otherwise get ready for upcoming festivities, oftentimes those chores spill over into the workplace.

A news release from employment Web site Monster said that 44% of US workers admit they spend at least one hour per workday on personal business, according to a recent Monster Meter poll.

The survey showed that 20% of workers spend at least three hours per day on personal business, which may include shopping online, running errands or party planning.

To the question, “How much time at work are you spending on personal business this holiday season?”:

  • 56% said “Less than an hour a day.”
  • 20% said “More than 3 hours a day.”
  • 17% said “1 to 2 hours a day.”
  • 7% said “2 to 3 hours a day.”

Even though employees are bringing their personal business into the office, workers’ holiday cheer doesn’t always include their supervisor.

To the question, “Are you giving your boss a holiday gift this year?” Only 19% of respondents indicate they plan to buy their boss a gift. Other responses included:

  • 47% – “No chance. I’m spending my money on family and friends.”
  • 27% – “No job. No boss. No gift.”
  • 5% – “Only if my boss gives me one.”

The results of this Monster Meter are based on 11,873 votes cast by Monster users from December 5 to December 11, 2005 on the homepage.