How Many Employers Have You Had?

January 17, 2008 ( - Nearly half of respondents to a new survey say they have worked for two or three different employers - in just the past five years.

Now, changing jobs is not always a matter of worker choice – and, in fairness, the survey was conducted by, Inc., which describes itself as a “network of online niche career communities”, but looks like it’s really focused on facilitating job searches. And the survey was only conducted among visitors to its site (think about it – who’s more likely to visit a job searching site than those who are searching for jobs?).

Still, the survey of more than 5,500 professionals visiting the site indicted that 42% had worked for two or three companies during the past five years, while 12% had worked for four or five – and 9% had worked for more than five companies.

A mere 37% had worked for just one company during that period.

So, how many jobs have YOU had in the past five years? Weigh in HERE