HR Allen Offers Paperless Applicant Tracking System

January 20, 2010 ( - HR Allen Consulting Services is now offering a paperless applicant tracking system.

A press release said that utilizing the applicant tracking software, an applicant can complete every form – including Applicant Packets, Hiring Packets, or any other paper-driven/tiered progress – without having to enter the same piece of information twice, regardless of the number of forms. In addition, Human Resources personnel are able to order and receive background screening, drug testing and clinical services, and can view and route forms to other recruiters or locations.

The company said the software is specifically designed for key industries, including Human Resources, Insurance, Financial, Transportation, Staffing, Education, and Health Care. 

According to the announcement, the health care industry has found that the software provides a vital link in supporting health care providers in meeting their greatest challenges – controlling costs, reducing paper, and advancing quality patient care. Health care professionals are able to facilitate patient record transfers while maintaining HIPPA requirements and streamline, document, and automate doctor and staff communications and authorizations.

Those interested can call 916-370-7849 to request a demo.