HR Performance Systems Lack Development Focus

December 15, 2000 ( - Today's performance management programs do a better job of evaluating past performance than focusing on employee development, according to a new survey of human resource professionals.

While over half (61%) of respondents were satisfied with their organization’s performance management systems, they were more satisfied with:

  • 51% – performance planning
  • 61% – evaluation
  • 51% – discipline

“Under” Development

However, according to the SHRM/PDI 2000 Performance Management Survey, development focused components fared much worse. In fact, most of the development categories were judged as satisfactory by only a third of the respondents, as follows:

  • 34% – development planning
  • 33% – 360 degree feedback
  • 33% – coaching
  • 38% – leadership development

The biggest challenge to be overcome in improving performance management systems is a lack of support from upper management, cited by 22% of the respondents. At nearly half (42%) of respondent companies, executives did not review the performance management system in any way, according to the study.

Other challenges cited include undervalue by the company (17%) and lack of use by management (14%).