HR Says Hiring Is Picking Up

September 17, 2003 ( - If it hasn't already, most human resource professionals expect hiring in their company to pick up within the next year.

But the majority (36%) of HR professionals polled by and said that hiring is already on the rise. This was followed by 20% that see an increase in the hiring trend in the next year.

Other responses included in three to six months (17%) and 10% that see their companies bringing in more fresh faces in one to three months. On the other side, 17% said that hiring may never pick up.

The latest data points to some positive trends in the job marketplace said HRnext President John Brady. “Keep in mind that we recently had some jarring news from the Department of Labor, when it reported that employers had slashed 93,000 jobs in August,” Brady says. “If it turns out that we’re indeed finally coming out of the woods, then perhaps HR managers should be the new leading indicator.”

The survey was held during the week of September 8 and asked HR professionals, “When do you expect hiring at your company to pick up?” The two Web sites drew a total of 497 responses.