HR Technology Advisors Selects HighRoads for SPD Generation

July 21, 2009 ( - HighRoads has announced that HR Technology Advisors (HRT) will be distributing HighRoads' QuickSPD, an automated online service for generating and storing Department of Labor-compliant summary plan descriptions (SPDs) for small and midsize employers.

According to the announcement, QuickSPD gives brokers a menu of compliant SPD templates with fill-in-the-blank variables for each client. Once the templates are completed for each client, they can be stored, exported, printed, retrieved and easily updated each year via the HighRoads central repository.

“QuickSPD will automate the time consuming process of creating, updating and maintaining ERISA compliant SPDs,” said Joe Markland, principal, HRT, in the announcement. “As a service to our broker partners, HRT searches for and selects cutting edge technology tools that add value and improve efficiencies. QuickSPD is one such solution that meets an emerging market demand and reduces legal and DOL fine exposure for our brokers’ clients.”

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