HR360 Releases Customizable Templates for Open Enrollment

The SaaS platform ensures the templates will allow for clients to receive their benefit notices on time.

With the benefits open enrollment season nearing, HR360 has recently launched the “2016 Open Enrollment Benefits Notices Templates,” and the “Open Enrollment Benefits Summary Template,” two customizable tools that guarantee employees will receive their benefits notices in a timely matter.

The “2016 Open Enrollment Benefits Notices Template,” which includes upwards of 15 open enrollment benefits, contains an array of notices regarding special enrollment rights, privacy practices and women’s health, among others. Specific ones include: Health Insurance Exchange Notice, Employer CHIP Notice, Medicare Part D Notices and more.

Using the “Open Enrollment Benefits Summary Template,” brokers can easily deliver open enrollment dates and deadlines, plan changes and pre-tax contribution and premium increases to their clients.

To receive the free templates, visit here

-Amanda Umpierrez