ICMA-RC Enhances Participant and Plan Sponsor Websites

The participant website has a new retirement readiness tool which is featured as participants log-in.

ICMA-RC has enhanced Account Access, the account management website for plan participants, and EZLink, its plan administration website for plan sponsors, by adding an intuitive, visually appealing layout and streamlined navigation.

In addition to the new look and redesigned navigation features, the Account Access website has a new retirement readiness tool which is featured as participants log-in, called “Am I On Track.” This new tool enables participants to assess how well they are prepared for retirement by providing a retirement readiness score and proposed savings rate, retirement age, and asset allocation to help improve this score.

“Our goal is to provide our public sector clients with a way to quickly access relevant information through our website and mobile app, along with educational materials, to help them make informed decisions as they work to build retirement security,” says Gregory Dyson, senior vice president and chief operating officer. “It is important that our client’s visit to the website is a positive and engaging experience, with information they need readily available to them.”

ICMA-RC’s website enhancements provide plan sponsors with simplified navigation and access to frequently used reports and other plan-related information. In addition, the updates introduce participants to new, interactive tools with personal account information immediately viewable.

More information about ICMA-RC is at www.icmarc.org.